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CAIRN OTG Counselling Centers are situated in Bauddha Stupa KTM Nepal, London and Swansea Wales UK, Nice and Verdon S-France, UCL/LLN and Bruxelles Belgium, Spokane USA and Winnipeg Canada. New Centers are now being open in Sarnath Benares and Dehradun India, and in Lhasa/Nyalam Tibet TAR China (Sept2006)!


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  Cairn  Strategic  Tsa-rLung  Coaching

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CAIRN provides a unique selection of Tibetan traditional Tsa-rLung Arts&Therapy Yoga and Coaching services, based upon the social reality of more than 25 years NGOs experience in the comparative research & development approach of Himalayan Healing Traditions.

Perceived and conceived in a world view which is linked with current Himalayan and Asian geo-political, social and educational prospective, the synthesis of tools being proposed will allow you to rediscover and understand yourself in the transmuting context of Asia, linking cross-cultural awareness experiential with teaching on the Subtle Energy level, and working with the emotions and representations linked to your enfolding destiny.

In this programme, you will encounter Tsa-rLung masters, lamas, nagpas, yogis, teachers and academic researchers, who are renown in helping people to gain more refined perceptions awareness, as well as attain success in their professional and personal lives

CAIRN Strategic Tsa-rLung Coaching is dedicated to transforming the practice of community leadership and to helping create cultures of engagement for high performance/high fulfillment organizations that bring out the best in people in terms of  Personal or Organizational Renewal and Leadership, this by using the precious legacy of the Tibetan Tsa-rLung Body of Light Practices and Vajrayana Philosophy (ref- Dudjom OTG Namgyal Rimpoche).

We believe that personal development should be targeted, relevant, stimulating and above all practical. We are deeply convinced that the current actuality of the Himalayan region will bring enormous changes and opportunities at both the Asian and international levels. We are passionate of the role of spiritual elite and Subtle Energy Body Awareness can bring as evolution prospective to Human Being, Society and the World, as a whole. 

 Cairn may also act as a clearinghouse centre in higher education exchange, by promoting and assisting online professional training, as well as providing both practical and theoretical courses, cum face-to-face educational guidance (online video-chat or group seminars). Using a pool of experienced and certified academic consultants, Cairn promotes, organizes and maintains certificated series of options and courses recognized within the EU/UK educational and professional training framework.

By providing continuous assessment, Cairn is in position to propose guidance on potential opportunities in further higher education for suitable candidates, thus offering an advisory capacity to assist the students as to their suitability for continuing education overseas, specialized training technical upgrading and internship placement.

   Cairn Tsa-rLung Coaching options are organized all year- round in and around Kathmandu Valley (Nepal), as well as in Swansea South Wales (UK), the Verdon and Aude/Ariege regions (South of France), Canada (H@W), as well as in India (Benares, Sarnath, Dehradun, Darjeeling, Sikkim) and in Lhasa Tibet/TAR China.

  There are Nine Experiential Quests to choose from, each related to a specific context of tools and knowledge for exchanging/bridging ancient wisdom and the contemporary academic approach to health and healing.

Enter the Quest!

Module 1 - Tsa-rLung Psycho-Energotherapy (Namgyal Rimpoche, RWL)
Module 2 - Tsa-rLung Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychotherapy (idem)
Module 3 - Tibetan Energo-Psychology (late Tarab Tulku, Sarnath, India)
Module 4 - Tibetan Herbal Medicine Kunphen (Amchi Tashi Pedon, Np)
Module 5 - Tibetan Materia Medica & Philosophy (Amchi Jampa, Np)
Module 6 - Body of Light Computerized Energy Field Assessment (UK)
Module 7 - Grail Quest in Aude and Verdon Keltic Powerplaces (France)
Module 8 - Healing Shamanism and Channeling (Heart@Work Canada)
Module 9 - Tsa-rLung Energo-Chromo-Musicotherapy (Nepal & Belgium)

CAIRN Consortium High-Education Exchange is a EU/UK co-operation and mobility programme in the field of higher education which promotes the European Union as a centre of excellence in learning around the world. It is directly linked to EU/UK- top-quality Foundation Courses and enhances the visibility and attractiveness of European higher education in third countries.









The Terma Foundation

Tradition holds that a terma may be a physical object such as a text or a ritual implement that is buried in the ground (or earth), hidden in a rock or crystal, secreted in a herb, or a tree, or hidden in a lake (or water), or hidden in the sky (space). In short, the literal understanding of terma is "hidden treasure". As sometimes these objects are hidden away, the teachings associated should be understood as being 'concealed within the mind of the guru ', that is, the true place of concealment is in the tertön's inner mindstream. Accordingly, one can say that it is as much concealed in the Terton own practice evolvment. If the concealed or encoded teaching or object is a text, it is often written in “dakini script”: a non-human type of code or writing. As such , termas maybe what they may be and in so many embodiment forms , that they are therefore not always immediately apparent, cognicient or made open to the hierarchy or public. The conditions may not be right; the people may not yet be ready for them; further instructions may need to be revealed to clarify their meaning, the lineage itself may be in transmutation. Often also, the tertön himself has to practice them indepth, the tertön's inner mindstream, for many years...





CAIRN Consortium

The parent organization of the Termas Foundation is CAIRN Consortium Professional Doctorate School / International Foundation (1997-2015 EU-NGO), a high educational institution (HEI) dedicated to promoting awareness in East/West Cultural Immersion and therefore promoting, amongst other initiatives, the preservation of  True Terma' s heritage and lineages as may be found nowadays in sacred powerplaces, both in the East and West, as per self- arising experience...

Termas Cultural Immersion Research and related Curriculum Development focus upon the Tigle and other Tsa-Rlung / Body of Light Practices, Guru Yoga, Arts & Healing, including the related comparative structural and philosophical study of philosophies and hermeneutics there related.

In bringing the teachings of authentic Termas (Nyingma) Tertons lineages to the West, CAIRN realized that such Western research framework must benefit from an experiential and intensive integrated approach in a relevant practices and pedagogy context and in a way that explores also the modern livestyles and the background Western mythological assumptions, part of the psyche.

The CAIRN Modules are the reflection of the currently attempted Shedras system reform linked to Quantum Sciences, Psychology, Arts & Healing and  modern HRD curricula. Students will be immerged in high energy context to combine the study of key commentaries on practices with the self-arising events of higher consciousness embodiment. In this sense, both Music, Arts, Healing and Contemplation are merged within the related HRD management analytical skills.

In this way, ideological and structural misconceptions may be revealed, studied and clarity sharpened.

CAIRN (Center for Advanced Integrated Research in Noetic) is open to all who are interested in deepening their study and practices of  the Keltic Mythology with Buddhism Tantras and other Body of Light sacred Yogas practices.


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Cairn Consortium Termas Foundation Integrated Traditional/Modern Curriculum R&D 2015


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Worldwide Euro-Asian cross-cultural immersion journeys, small groups escorted initiation tours, Wellbeing retreats, Special English Foundation studies, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet Himalayan pilgrimages, Termas Rejuvenation Coaching...







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Termas Lineages Tsa-rLung HomeStudio  Creativity  Retreat
Termas  Tulku  Retreat  NEW
14~21 days in Bodhnath & Bhutan
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Shaman Jazz&Rock Fusion Retreat
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07 days Fusion Rock&Jazz Retreat
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 Spiritual Retreat in Verdon

07~14 days Retreat Options
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" Parzifal " (Perceval) Grail Quest

Keltic Trilogy Triptyc Two 14 Days
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Keltic  Wales Pembrokeshire  Tours
07~14 days Keltic Pilgrimage Wales
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Cross-cultural Social Work Volunteer  
14~21 days local NGOs Internships
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Cathares and Troubadours Lore  
 14 days Cathares Country Journey
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London UK- Escorted Tour Package
 Tailor-made  Sightseeing  & Study
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Worldwide Euro-Asian cross-cultural immersion journey, small groups escorted initiation tours, Wellbeing retreats, Special English Foundation studies, Nepal India Tibet Himalayan pilgrimages, Verdon Rejuvenation weekend breaks...


Travelling with
Caer ~ Sidi  Voyages, with a Team of over 30 years of experience in Euro-Asian Tours, opens the door to a World of Wonders, rich in history, mythology, insights healing embodiment practices and natural beauty. Our tours span the globe, following carefully devised itineraries by air, road, treks and rail that capture the true hermeneutic essence of your chosen destination. All our small groups are expertly guided by local specialists with the arrangements enhanced by exclusive excursions and special events and the pleasure of travelling with companions who share similar tastes, practices and interests.

Our cross-cultural and guided tours allow you to discover many delights including the Verdon Canyon, the Cathares Aude/Ariege region and Riviera in the South-of-France, some of worlds wonders, as well as our collection of Himalayan Pilgrimages tours&studies in Nepal, India and Tibet (TAR China), or our Foundation Studies and Traditional Arts cum Music Events in Canada, offering a unique blend of ancient and modern inspiration. With a comprehensive collection of travel arrangements from short breaks in European cities to escorted tours of up to three weeks’ to the furthest parts of the world we are sure you will find the ideal arrangement.





Valcros Oaks

St Thyrs



Visas Counselling Services Available  to  Nepalese Travellers!

We have been successfully providing an in-house visa counselling service, including preparation of files and interviews, for Nepalese, Tibetan and India clients to our featured destinations in EU, UK and Canada for over 30 years. We are delighted to offer this service with individuals travelling under our ToR arrangements.


Caer-Sidi 2016-17 Termas Tours&Studies Special Offers



Testimonies :        

                                  “This pilgrimage was both profound and extremely fun. Amid fantastic scenery we visited very simple places that touched the depths of my being and connected me to my past – my ancestors, my spirituality, my very soul in ways that led me into a future bright with promise. The call to  become body of light in ordinary every-day life is powerfully supported through this experience.” (F. W., Pasadena, CA, USA, participant in 2007 & 08)


Greetings my friend. Just a short note to say hello and I hope you are doing well. I was looking through old pictures the other day and realized it was 5 years ago last week that we made our first trip to France. It was such a magical and important trip for me. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me on the human and soul level. I also sent a note to Armand. Take care  " (R.W, CA, USA, participant in all previous Caer-Sidi' s Tours, mail on 04Nov, 2012



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" Al Caps Del Set Cent Ans Verdegeo El Laurel ! "

Hommage to the Grail Lore Lineage of Master Kyot and
Templar Troubadour  Wolfram Von Eschenbach (XIIcentury)!



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