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A Keltic vision of  Dharma  with people from the Keltic Realms



Sacred Journeys  to the  Island of Crystal (R)

14~21 Days Pilgrimages to Keltic & Cathares Powerplaces in South-France,

with  Dr. B. Raven Lee,  Dr. William R. Leon  &  Cairn experts team


from  October 10th  to  October 23rd,  2009

 <+> Valcros (5~7 days)




     " Welcome  to  Caer  Sidi... ! (R)"


Drawing on both Celtic and Tibetan Shamanic Healing practices, as well as modern Quantum Psycho~Energotherapy, Dr. B. Raven Lee and Dr. William R. Leon  invite you to discover  Caer Sidi,  the sacred Keltic & Templars Mandala in the Verdon area and its mirror sites in the Cathares Aude regions. The next pilgrimage will be organized in the South-of-France, within a choice between the five major Options, listed hereunder...


Caer Sidi  is a unique experiential program which includes introduction to both Tibetan Tsa-rLung and Celtic Shamanic Healing in selected powerplaces and allows participants to find their own Keys to Transmutation, Rejuvenation and (Self~) Healing, through the Body of Light practices...

The Caer Sidi Itinerary is intended to re-awaken and develop a synthesis of our latent roots shamanic abilities. We will learn how to intentionally shift our state of consciousness, link with Protectors and Holy Spirits, as well as how to get more awareness of subtle non-ordinary reality, while opening and cleansing our Higher Chakras.


We will establish connections with Mary Magdalene, as well as with other selected Keltic and Tibetan Sacred Helpers, Who will facilitate personal and communal health and healing. The programme will also be an opportunity to gather further knowledge in Central-Asian Common Ancestral Roots of Keltic and Tibetan Shamanic Healing practices.

Dr. B. Raven Lee, Dr. William R. Leon and other experienced intervenors will guide the target-sites meditation and healing rituals. Participants will concentrate on the compassion emanated from fully enlightened protectors and principal emanations in the Verdon Sacred Mandala and the Cathares Lore retreats.

The stream of transmission of the Compassionate Healing energies will bring the Third Eye (Ajna Chakra) and Compassion (Heart Chakra) in resonance with the Spiritual Heritage of the target-sites visited. This will lead to Initiations taking the form of "Spontaneous Arising Light"  (Tigle), Visions or other subtle transmissions inherited from the lineages, protectors and guardians of these sacred sites.

Experiential spontaneous transmissions of teaching and revelations from Masters, Angels or Fairies, have always been a foundational aspect of spiritual awakening in both the Tibetan Body of Light (Tsa-rLung) lineages and related Arts of Divination, Rejuvenation and Healing in the Grail Quest.

 Through the embodiment of the Keltic and Vajrayana Body of Light practices, we will pursue the Never-Ending Human Grail Quest of Spiritual Development.






  "Caer  Sidi,  The Island of Crystal " (R)


Caer Sidi, The Fortress of the Fairies is mentioned in the Book of  Taliesin (Lewis Spence).

That Caer Sidi (Camelot) was the Seat of rituals and initiations for Healing and Divination of an extraordinary vitality and importance to the Celtic psyche is no new thesis . But that it can be re-awakened today,  simply through a comparative experiential study of  Grail Lore and Himalayan Tantric Shamanism is a testimony we want here to share  with you.

One of the Island of Crystal, or Caer Sidi, is the Celtic, Cathares, and Knights Templar sacred archaeological Mandala situated at the entry of the Gorges du Verdon, some 150 km northwest of Nice, South-of-France.

It was the seat of rituals and initiations for healing and divination practices, which originated from the Black Sea (Wisigoths and Scythes Central Europe) and the Asian Steppes (Kelts and Huns), and continued into early Celtic-Roman times and later Holy Grail Mary Magdalene Lore.

The word Sidhe (also spelled Sidi, Sidh, Sid, Sith ...) may be regarded as the standard term for "fairy" in the Gaelic tongue of Scotland , Wales and Ireland. While some reliable authorities further stress that Sithide or Sithde is the genitive of Sithd, a female fairy, Gaelic records Sidhe as also implying "hill" or "mound". Mounds and hills often are both graves and  abodes of the elves.




Guardians of the Ark of Alliance - Comps



  Caer Sidi(R) : " the  Itinerary... "

Caer Sidi is usually of a 14 days duration, on the traces of the Healing tradition of Mary Magdalene, Wolfram Von Eschenbach Grail Lore and Tibetan Vajrayana in the sacred sites of Verdon and Pyrennees, including pilgrimages to Montsegur, Puivert, Alet, Limoux, St Maximum, Ste Beaume, St Victor, les Stes Maries (Ratis) and other Sacred Black Madonna altars.

At the introduction level (First Tryptic), we will visit and scan together the Verdon Mandala target-sites and will focus upon the historical heritage for the envisioned synthesis of the Tsa-rLung, Yogas and Keltic Archetypal Healing practices.

It will include numerous references to the Grail and Keltic Christendom Lore Mythology giving Keys for the practices (Wolfram Von Eschenbach) in relation with the current Tibetan Tsa-rLung Five Elements (Body of Light) teachings from  Khyentse Rimpoche, Dudjom Rimpoche, Tarab Tulku Rimpoche, Tenzin Namdak, Namkhai Norbu, Tenzin Wangyal Rimpoche and John M. Reynolds, amongst others, this always bearing in mind the hermeneutics needed for a synthesis of Roots Shamanic Healing practices.

We will drive in mini-bus and then trek to several megalithic artefacts, ruins, fortress, altars or chapels, following the ancient pilgrimage traces for a renewed Grail Quest.

This will include further discovery and study of the Mary Magdalene Grail Lore history, its relations with the early Pagan and Keltic Christendom altars, as well as with later Irish Culdean monks migration into the Benedictins, Cistercians and Templars, as they are found situated in several South of France regions, such as the Aude, Ariege, Provence and Verdon. We will drive or trek to some of the higher ranges Templars chapels, Keltic and Roman strongholds, as well as sites not reviewed during our previous Verdon Tours&Study (2007-08).

More study and experientials related to the Grail Lore and to Mary Magdalene will include renewed pilgrimages to St- Trophime, Valcros Solar Fortress, as well as possibly a Music Sacred Arts & Rituals retreat at Chateau de Valcros itself.

We will undertake some further meditation and prayers at St- Thyrs, Ste Anne, Ste Maries de la Mer, Ste Baume and at the St Jean Black Madonna, as well as visit the St- Victor Monastery Black Madonna, St- Maximin and St- Remy (Nostradamus).

The Magdalene Pilgrimage can be a special Option focusing on Mary Magdalene South of France Grail Lore, including the Three Maries and Sarah (Kali) pilgrimage at Ste Marie de la Mer, the Ste Baume cave and other various Black Madona(s) altars and scriptures found within the Troubadors, Kabbala and Free-Massons  heritages. This renewed itinerary basically follows the same path as the previous Tours&Studies pursued in October 2008 in the Verdon, Ariege and Aude regions, while being more focused upon divulging the relations between Magdalene practices, symbolism, rituals, history and powerplaces...

The Cathares & Templars programme is basically the same Itinerary as that pursued in October 2008 in the Verdon, Ariege, Aude and Riviera regions, now further focused upon the Cathares and Templars history and powerplaces ...









October 10th to October 23rd, 2009

  ~ CAER~SIDI   Detailed  Itinerary  2009 (R*)

 (*): this itinerary includes Dr. Barbara Raven Lee's personal suggestions & comments for 2009...


Day1: Saturday 10 - Welcome at Arrival Nice airport from USA flights. Transfers by taxis and check-in at Hotel Le Royal (Promenade des Anglais, Nice), rest, then short walk around the Promenades des Anglais, before our Welcome evening dinner, with Q&A on all options to each one and the group.

Day2: Sunday 11 - Morning walking tour of the wonderful old city of Nice. Lunch near the Chateau at one Nice old Port and afternoon minivan Sightseeing of the Riviera, including options being Eze, Monaco, Menton, Baulieu... Later drive to the St Jean Cap Ferrat Black Madonna and Hospitalliers Chapel for the Raven Quest opening ceremony.

Day3: Monday 12 - Starts early with a meditation and group exercise, followed with a minivan drive to the Magdalene Grotto at Ste Baume, noon picnic lunch at the St Maximin Basilique, where sacred remains of Mary Magdalene are kept. Afternoon drive to the Pierre de la Fee (Draguignan) and late afternoon arrival in Comps sur Artuby (south entry of Mandala),  check-in at Hotel Bain and superb evening dinner at the hotel (Comps: 1 night).

Day4: Tuesday 13 - Morning meditation at old village church in Comps. Drive to the Valcros Chateau. Personal introduction to Aconcha and Marc (Sacred Arts Musicians and Guardians living in Valcros) as well as to Mme Marcolla (owner of the chateau). First exploration and explanation on the known history of Valcros Chateau area, including the so-called Keltic Solar Fortress and its significance at the center of the Verdon Mandala. Lunch at Paul Amoros Boulangerie de Soleil and afternoon drive to the chateau and village of Trigance, the Templars Commanderie de St- Mayme, Verdon Canyon Point Sublime, Lac de Ste Croix, Moustiers Ste Marie and other west-side of Mandala interesting sites. On the way back, drive to Hotel Bain in Comps for those who stay there...

Day5: Wednesday 14 - Morning meditation followed with an introduction to the Verdon Mandala North side Chapels and Templars, including Castellane chapel, as well as other altars and lake sites situated at the north of the Mandala, such as Chasteuils, St- Jean, Eoulx, Taloire, Palud sur Verdon, St Etienne and other access. (requiring treks). Explanations on the Grail Troubadours Lore (Seven Seals), as well as on the lineages and historical relations between Mary Magdalene, Sarah, the Cistercians, the Templars, Cathares and Tibetans...

Day6: Thursday 15 - Morning meditation followed by a minivan drive to Valcros. Once there, Aconcha Shamanic purification ceremony and trek of the group to the Solar Fortress of Valcros for rituals there. Noon picnic in situ. In the afternoon, further practices and introduction to Aconcha & Marc Sacred Arts, as well as preparations for the next days rituals envisioned at St. Thyrs and St Trophisme. Depending upon the possible arrival of a French group arrival (early, mid or late afternoon), late afternoon drive to Hotel Bain Comps for those who stay there, including the members of the French group... (this day organisation will remain most open and flexible...)

Day7: Friday 16 - Morning meditation followed with drive to Ste Anne, St Thyrs and the Robion area. Trek to the cave of St Trophisme (3-4 hours). Picnic lunch in situ and group exercice working with the Elements, Spirits and Sacred Feminine. End of afternoon, return drive to Valcros and Comps.

Day8: Saturday 17 -  Morning meditation The day will be devoted to group exercises on the sacred land, hike and Working with Elements . Approach of the transformation of consciousness with Alchemical practices.

Day9: Sunday 18 - Morning meditation followed with drive to Valcros for Sacred Arts Shamanic Chanting Rituals, and/or retrieval of fragmented/lost essences. Closing ceremony for the envisioned Healing group. In the evening, the French group ends its participation...  

Day10: Monday 19 - Morning meditation and drive (optional, for those who want it...)  to the Verdon Canyon Western side, to the Lac de Ste Croix, for kayak or peddle boats, as well as for further visit of the wonderful sites at Moustiers Ste Marie, Rougon and Castellane related areas... This is a flexible buffer~day, during which some indepth studies of selected power- sites, reflection, self-exploration, time for contemplation, catharsis or journal remains open, including visits of sites not yet done. Check-out of Valcros for those who stayed there and drive to Comps for one more night, and the next morning early departure to Marseilles...

Day11: Tuesday 20 - Early morning drive to the Marseilles Abbaye St- Victor, visit pilgrimage to the Black Madonna, short break then drive to the Ste Maries (13H00) and lunch there.... Stay in Ste Maries upto late afternoon, then drive to the Logis de France near Le Grau du Roy, where we will stay 1 night in a superb Guesthouse...

Day12: Wednesday 21 - Drive to St Remy (Nostradamus) for the whole day. Then, late afternoon drive back to the Hotel Royal and evening dinner in Nice... 

Day13: Thursday 22 - Free day in Nice. End afternoon Closing Ritual at St- Jean Cap Ferrat Black Madonna (Dragon's tail...) and Farewell dinner in Nice. Possibility of a Chod Rituals Concert with Musicians and Lamas invited...

Day14: Friday 23 - Depart Nice back to USA, (further Retreat Option at Valcros?...)

Day15: Saturday 24 - (end of Tour: conference, concert and other flexible Options...)





    OPTION 5~7 DAYS  RETREAT: Caer Sidi,  Seven Seals...


Introduction to a Valcros Retreat : Practices in " Music, Sacred Arts & Therapy ", including Shamanic Healing and Divination Rituals (ie: chants, prayers, meditation, cleansing and rejuvenation practices: in sacred sites, such as St Trophisme, or the Valcros Solar Fortress. Further details are provided upon request, the final details of such a program being entirely based upon the agenda of the participants (flexible)... 







  Tour Registration  Caer Sidi 2009 (min. 60 days in advance)


- Without Airfare:

- Valcros Caer Sidi 14 Days (Chateau de Valcros) : 2,900 Euros

- Caer Sidi 14 Days (Option Hotel Bain in Comps) : 3,400 Euros

- Valcros Caer Sidi Retreat (5~7 Days Valcros) : ...  


 - Deposits  for  Reservation (Planning 2009)  &  Registration

CAER SIDI Tour 2009 Deposits comprise both a Reservation Guarantee for experts planning purposes and a Registration (Inscription ), per se, namely of Euros: 100 plus 400, for total Deposit = 500/ , as hereunder :

 - Deposit for Reservation 2009 (as soon as possible...): 100 Euros - (*)

 - Deposit for Inscription (min 6 months in advance): 400 Euros - (**)

(*) - This research program requires long-term booking & expert resource-persons planning.

(**) - Deposits are of course fully included in total price, above. With thanks...


Deposits may be transferred in one or two instalments, as per convenience.

It is duly expected that participants to CAER SIDI 14 Days Study&Tour, and following Retreat Option, may have accordingly different transport schedules and/or may request for more personalized lodging conditions. We  want to emphasize that this programme is fully flexible and remains based upon each person resources, needs or requirements. All issues will be fully answered to during the Registration process, on a person to person basis.



  Fees Include
- Full Room & Board in Hotel/Guesthouse (***) and/or in the Retreat Center Valcros (**). Lodging is on basis of twin rooms and full board scheme, during 14 or 21 days, as per the Option chosen (double occupancy / full meal dinner 1Xday evening, continental breakfast, plus picnic lunch at noon during drives/treks). Single supplement: Euros 50 per each day of individual room occupancy.                                   
- All minivan transportation in/around the Verdon and Aude Keltic/Templars powerplaces, incl. sightseeing Nice/Riviera, as well as for most logistics.
- Prices also include all meetings, seminars and retreat, and introduction guidance to the Tsa-rLung and Shamanic Sacred Arts Practices.

_Fees Do Not Include
- Fees for your European (Schengen) Visa
- Loss of or damage to Luggage/Personal Property.
- Travel and Medical Insurance expenses
- Loss of personal items, passports, etc…
- Any transportation or lodging costs being due after the client’s 14 or 21days chosen option complete duration 
- Other meals other than those provided in the above stated Agenda & Itinerary.


Terms of References

Group Size
This Customized Field-study tours is organized for a group of minimum 5 persons (pax), or more at no extra cost in Verdon Canyon Gites/Hotel/GH, Valcros and Nice Hotel (***).  
Local transportation to/from airport & around areas is included, using upto 8 passenger mini-vans/cars; as well as local guides and seminar teachings as quoted above. 

Discount conditions extended only to relevant cases being researchers, scholars, Dharma practitioners and continuing education courses and does not include approval on all of the tour costs arrangements, to be discussed on a case basis. However CAIRN Tours&Study are open to everyone! 

Deposit and Registration
I. Price of Tour: Send deposits (Reservation + Inscription) of Euros: 100 plus 400 = 500/
The Euros: 500 deposit is to be made namely to R W Leon / CAIRN CEO at a Swift Code Bank Numbers or by Western Union Money Transfer at the address in Nepal, UK or EU, which will be provided to you at the time of your registration. In case of early deposit, would RWL  still be in either UK, Nepal, India or Tibet TAR China (-re: where Euros cash foreign currency exchange are unattainable, as per local regulations), the allocation is to be made using " WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER " simple modalities. Related receipt and registration documents will immediately be provided to you.
Price is same whether transfer is made by check, Western Union, Swift Code or credit card. 
Deposit & Payments Euros : 500 deposit secures your space. 
1/2 of balance of payment due by 60 days before tour. 
Remaining 1/2 of balance (full payment) due by 30 days before tour. 
Total Euros: 50 late payment fee added if payments not made by due dates (Euros: 50 for payment not met). 

Cancellation & Refund
Refund is minus Euros: 100 fee  to be made if cancellation is emailed/postmarked by 30 days prior to departure. If cancellation postmarked between 30-15 days prior to departure Euros : 200 is non-refundable. If cancellation postmarked between 15-03 days prior to departure, Euros: 300 is non-refundable.

If cancellation emailed/postmarked under three (3) days from departure there is no refund.

We strongly recommend travel and health insurance, which enables you to recover 
all deposits if you need to cancel the trip due to illness or death. Please contact us 
if you want details on this insurance. No partial refunds will be given under any 
circumstances for unused hotel rooms, meals, or sightseeing trips. 

The number of places is limited and is offered on a first come first serve basis.
Reservations must be made, complete with payment, by deadline given on registration file. 




     CAIRN  Consortium (EU-NGO)

CAIRN  Consortium  is a cultural immersion and communication gateway for traditional healing practitioners experiential training, development studies academic research, and postgraduate and doctorate student exchange, based in KTM Nepal.

CAIRN  is particularly proud of its 20 years daily experience with Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan NGOs, its reputed academic collaboration in Asia, Europe USA and Canada, as well as of the quality of its Supervision Board, Research Consultants and integrated Cultural Immersion & online learning infrastructure. 

It offers selected online courses and field-research resources focused on the Himalayan region current development priorities, as well as specializes into curriculum development in selected research niches, through practical and theoretical knowledge in building : Applied Psychology to Counselling, HRD/HRM Capacity Building, Humanitarian Intervention, Clinical Anthropology, Prospective Health Anthropology and Tibetan Traditional Healing Psychotherapy.

CAIRN Counselling Services provides advice and counselling on academic matters, including immigration advice and services, useful for Nepalese Mature Students (Postgraduate Personal Project Part-time Options) wishing to study in the EU, Canada or Wales UK. We support all students regardless of nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual preference or status. We operate CAIRN Education Counselling Services administration both by email and face-to-face Interviews appointments. We encourage all prospective students to kindly email us thereupon, at CAIRN EU-NGO HQ address: william_rene@hotmail.com

Advice is offered without discrimination. Our services operate according to the EU, UK and Canada Code of Ethics for those advising international students. Our International Student Advisory Service meets the strict rules and standards of the Immigration Services of Canada, USA, the UK, Belgium and EU Official Visa Sections (Consulates or Embassies) in Nepal.

CAIRN operates as a confidential Education Counselling Service for professional and personal project oriented coaching to any prospective student or trainee, from the start of your project’s first Biodata interview up to its final implementation. This serves the general purpose of both clearing the academic accreditation file and provide necessary International Students advisory board screening information to applicants, including on the difficult issues such as visas, file administration and e-learning support options.

Cairn Counselling Services (EU-NGO) is a personalized projects academic exchange program, with cultural immersion options, e-learning and communication gateway for Asian and Western postgraduate researchers and professional continuous education trainees (mature students). It offers an open menu of options of selected online courses and field-research resources, focused on the one side on Asian LDCs development priorities. Cairn Academic Coaching  is offered one-on-one by appointment only. Cairn Euro-Asian Network increases opportunities for internships, field-research and online studies within an international dimension and selected international experts.

Caer Sidi is a personalized development research program only and is always offered one-on-one by appointment.








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